Bowmanstown Borough


Tracy Burbage, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer
Tara Takerer, Treasurer/Assistant Secretary

Board of Health
Duane Dellecker – Health Inspector

William Ravert, Council President               term expires – January 2024
Pam Leiby, Council Vice-President              term expires – January 2024
Rob Moyer, Council President Pro-Tem     term expires – January 2022
Donna Winter, Council                                  term expires – January 2022
Darren Thomas, Council                                term expires – January 2022
Candace Rodrigues, Council                            term expires – January 2022
Kara Scott, Council                                          term expires – January 2024
Zachary Snyder, Mayor                                 term expires – January 2022

 James Preston – Broughal & DeVito, LLP – Borough Solicitor
Jessica Rehrig – Alfred Benesch & Co. – Borough Engineer

Michael Spairana, Fire Chief
Fire Station – 259 Lime Street
Phone – (610) 852-2722

Planning Commission
Rodney Reeser, Chairman
Rob Moyer, Vice-Chairman
Linda Hartranft, Secretary

Public Works
Chris Bixler, Supervisor, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Luke Blisard

Tax Collector
Maria Smith
PO Box 321
Bowmanstown, PA 18030
2019 Tax Collector hours will be:
April through October
First, Second, and Last Tuesday of the month, 6:00 to 8:00 PM, or by appointment by calling
(610) 852-5665

Water Authority
Joseph Civitella, Acting Chairman
Chad Everett
Darren Thomas, Secretary
Matthew Behler, Treasurer
Rodney Reeser, Member

 Neil Ettinger – Ettinger & Associates – Authority Solicitor
Mark Bahnick – VanCleef Engineering – Authority Engineer

Water bills are mailed on the first of each month and payment due by the twentieth of each month; if paying after the twentieth the $15.00 penalty is to be split – $5 on water, $5 on sewer, and $5 on garbage.  If you do not receive your bill during the first week of each month; call the office for your totals before the twentieth and avoid the penalties.

Our water meters are read on a month to month basis, and we are asking all homeowner to please clean the area around the meter, remove snow, cut back shrubs, & bushes and keep the meter free of debris so our meter reader can access your property quickly and safely.  

Zoning & BCO
Duane Dellecker

Buyers 1st Inspections
Lehigh Valley Inspection Service
Keycodes Inspection Agency

Zoning Hearing Board:
Ron Fritz
Ben Powell

Alternate: Joseph Rodrigues

Bowmanstown Borough

490 Ore Street
Bowmanstown, PA 18030

(610) 852-2455

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